Manuelita Brown

My artwork has been described as eclectic and authentically personal, incorporating a range from subtle political statement to gentle, elegant form. My sculptures are figurative, yet they often have an emotional and conceptual basis. I hope that I have acquired a sensitivity to universal human experience, although my perspective as an African-American woman is often evident. It is my aim to connect with persons of any background or station. If the viewer remarks, “that’s me—I feel just like that” or “I remember that—I’ve been there” or “I know her” then I have achieved a major goal.

Personal Statement

My goal is to create bronze figurative sculptures that edify human beings and the human spirit. I represent ordinary people important in everyone’s life and extraordinary people with historical significance especially of African decent, though not exclusively. Due to its medium, my work will communicate with generations yet unborn. I want them to recognize the power in the people that I sculpt, and know that they embody the same power. In particular, I want the viewer of my work to respect the strength, character, and beauty of the descendants of African survivors in the Americas.

My work has been described as authentically personal, incorporating subtle political statement in expressive, graceful, elegant forms. I enjoy portrait sculpture—in people’s faces, I see the wonder, the promise, and the mystery and majesty of creation.

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Manuelita Brown
255 Santa Fe Drive
Encinitas, CA 92024

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