How Bronze Sculptures are Created

  1. Create a model of the sculpture in clay or wax.
  2. Make a mold of  silicone rubber and plaster.
  3. Remove the mold, re-assemble, and pour hot wax in and out of the mold to form a wax shell positive of the sculpture.
  4. Allow the wax to cool and remove it from the mold.
  5. Chase (repair blemishes on) the wax and sign, attach a cup and sprues (channels needed for steps 7 and 8).
  6. Invest the wax (coat with a ceramic/silica material).
  7. Burn-out (heat the investment in a kiln) the wax, melting wax will run out of the channels leaving a cavity. Inspect and repair the investment as necessary.
  8. Pour molten bronze into the cup and fill the cavity.
  9. After the bronze cools, break the investment material from the bronze sculpture
  10. Chase the bronze sculpture and drill hole(s) in preparation for mounting on a base.